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4 Reasons you should choose Palmetto:

1. We are South Carolina based and located in Columbia near all Federal and Regulatory agencies

Ask yourself this question, why rely on a faceless, out-of-town corporation to handle the delicate task of paying your employees? Trust local professionals who can work with you face-to-face when critical issues arise. We are small business owners just like you, and know what it’s like to be ‘chief cook and bottle washer’. We cherish the relationships we’ve built with our clients, and stand behind them in their pursuit of success.

2. Service that’s a breath of fresh air.

Our company was founded on the radical philosophy of letting customers deal directly with the boss, not a call-center representative. Because everyone in our organization is a front-line service provider, there’s never a gap between what’s promised and what’s delivered. That’s a novel approach these days, and we think it’s better.

3. The lowest rates for premium-service support.

We don’t employ expensive salespeople. We’re building our business organically, one reputation at a time. And while our national competitors try to be everything to everyone, our resources are efficiently focused on South Carolina. Our mindset of connecting directly with our clients without wasteful layers of bureaucracy allows us to offer unparalleled value in the marketplace.

4. Accountants love us!

Your CPA is a trusted advisor and you want them focused on high-value, strategic issues. At the same time, most CPAs want nothing to do with messy, low-margin payroll processing. Each payday, we deliver comprehensive reports to both you and your accountant (if you wish), allowing them to see a clear snapshot of your payroll operations and keep focused on the bigger picture.