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Best Practices for Payroll Services

Employees may only think of payroll when it’s time to get their paychecks, but you know payroll services don’t just turn on when it’s check-writing time. Payroll can be an arduous process, but it’s vital to the success of your business. Keeping your finances balanced and your employees happy is no minor concern—it’s crucial that…
Palmetto Payroll
April 14, 2017
Small BusinessTaxes

3 Ways to Protect Your Business From Tax Scams

Tax time is here again, and you know what that means: cyber criminals are lurking, trying to use the confusion of the season to their advantage. The scary part is: they’re succeeding. Between phishing emails and aggressive phone tax scams, criminals have stolen billions of dollars from well-meaning citizens and business owners who are just…
Palmetto Payroll
February 28, 2017
Payroll ProcessingSmall Business

What Can A Payroll System Do For Me?

In businesses of all sizes, a payroll system can allow business owners or employees to alleviate the multitude of tasks associated with carrying out payroll themselves. From keeping track of hours to withholding taxes, payroll systems handle it all so that businesses can rest assured that everything on their accounting end is being taken care of…
Palmetto Payroll
January 13, 2017