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Why outsource my payroll?

Removing the stress and liability of making tax deposits and filing correct tax returns is the #1 reason to outsource.

Savvy business owners realize that every minute spent handling non-core tasks is time NOT spent talking to customers, looking for new business, training employees and digging for cost savings. In other words, payroll outsourcing allows you more time to focus on managing your core business

How does payroll outsourcing work?

Depending on the level of sophistication and control you’re looking for, you can call, fax or email to us the amounts to pay your staff, or relay that information into a secure internet site.

We’ll take it from there by computing accurate net pay, printing and delivering checks and reports, arranging for tax monies to be debited from your account and paid to the Federal and State agencies, and filing appropriate tax returns. At year-end, we take care of all the W2 hassles too.

How does Direct Deposit work?

You provide us with specific bank account numbers for both your business and your employees. We work with your bank to process the Direct Deposit transactions. Federal banking law requires two business days between you sending us your payroll info and pay day to move monies through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.

What if I need a payroll check written in the middle of a pay period?

You can either write the check yourself or have us prepare the check for you. If you hand-write the check, simply call us to perform gross-to-net or net-to-gross calculations for you.

Can you track vacation and sick days?

Absolutely. Simply provide us documentation on your specific business practices and we will incorporate the calculation and tracking of accrued and taken leave time each pay period.

What if my company needs general ledger reporting?

Our system can easily produce an export file each payday for loading into QuickBooks. If you’ve got another GL package, we can build a custom file to meet your unique needs.

Can PALMETTO PAYROLL SOLUTIONS handle payroll in other states?

YES. Though the bulk of our customers are based in South Carolina, we can handle employees no matter what state they’re working in.

What if my business needs help in the middle of a quarter?

PALMETTO PAYROLL SOLUTIONS can take over your payroll hassles at any time. We will work with you to calculate your quarter-to-date liabilities, compare those to what you’ve actually paid, and partner with you to reconcile any differences.

How do I get a quote for service?

We would be happy to give you a free estimate. Call or email us today. You will see our contact information listed on the next page. Most importantly, we would like to meet with you in person to discuss how we can best help you.


When considering a professional partner to handle your HR/payroll tasks, we encourage our clients to interview our main competitors. We respect our national and regional competitors, and love having our business model matched up against theirs. Our commitment to connect owner-to-owner with our clients helps us both thrive.

For all the reasons mentioned above and more, make PALMETTO PAYROLL SOLUTIONS your partner in business.