Prepare for Financial Reports to Look Different Due to COVID-19

By Accounting, Payroll Processing, Payroll Tax Responsibilities, Small Business

Certified Public Accountants (CPA) should understand that financial reports they prepare in 2020 will look differently than reports they prepared in all years prior to 2019. The difference, of course, is that 2020 saw a global pandemic that had a devastating impact on small businesses across the country. Even companies that did not shut down…

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Working Out Payment Arrangements and Other Details for Contract Employees

By Outsourced Payroll, Small Business

A relationship with an independent contractor can be beneficial for your business as well as the person receiving services. Since he or she is not an employee, you’re not required to pay health insurance, vacation time, or contribute towards unemployment insurance. You also don’t have the large cost associated with recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining…

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How Hiring an Accountant Can Help Your Small Business Thrive

By Accounting, Human Resources, Small Business, Taxes

According to an October 2018 study published by the Small Business Accounting Report, small business owners already hold accountants in high regard. Most agreed with the statement that hiring an accountant was even more important than a lawyer, banker, or information technology specialist. Despite this, many small business owners don’t understand the range of services…

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