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“Prior to PPS, we were with a national company but found it to be too impersonal, and more expensive. PPS is a local company and we are a local company, which fits with our objectives. We have also developed great, personal relationships with everyone at PPS…they are a member of our team!”

Wally Steinhauser
Wingards Nursery

“Southern Smiles dental has worked with Palmetto Payroll for a few years. Their payroll processing and tax filing has made my job a lot easier and more enjoyable. Tax filing is overwhelming to me so I appreciate their knowledge and skills so I would highly recommend Palmetto Payroll to anyone wanting to simplify the payroll and tax filing process.”

Sharon Denise
Southern Smiles Dental

“I want you to know that we here at Wings & Ale are very pleased with the quality of service that Palmetto Payroll Solutions provides. We sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and the way they conduct business. Everyone is courteous and helpful. I feel comfort in knowing that we are a team. I can call on them for all my payroll needs. Palmetto Payroll Solutions saves me time and money. I don’t need to worry about filing deadlines. They take care of it all. It leaves me time to focus on making our company successful. We have recommended Palmetto Payroll Solutions to others because of our satisfaction with their service since 2012.”

Donna Phipps
Wings and Ale

“As a small business owner, Palmetto Payroll is undeniably one of the best decisions we ever made. I can’t say enough about the staff and their expertise in what they do. Also the friendliness and close business relationship we have with them is just incredible. I am extremely confident in having my payroll, quarterlies and end of year reports done correctly.
It’s one of the most important things in business and is so stress free and saves me time.”

Janice Lowery
Lowery Painting

“We have used Palmetto Payroll Solutions for years and have always been satisfied! They are so easy to work with. I have no worries about compliance issues or missed filing deadlines. This gives me time to do other activities. I really enjoy them and they are the best!”

Grace Wight
Cassell Brothers Heating & Cooling

“In June of 2016 we switched our payroll to Palmetto Payroll Solutions due to issues we were having with our initial payroll provider. The issues we experienced were anything from not receiving invoices for charges to having taxes taken out of our bank account that were never paid to the state or federal agency. We called Jodi Jones at Palmetto Payroll Solutions and she eased our nerves from day one. They made the transition from our old provider over to them easy as pie. They give us a very detailed invoice for each payroll cycle so we can keep track of all charges past and future and they actually pay our taxes on time as they promised. The best part of our change to Palmetto Payroll Solutions is everyone has seen an extra $10 in each payroll check because everything is actually calculated correctly! Palmetto Payroll Solutions saved our business and we here at K2 Tech recommend them to all businesses!”

Cynthia Benson
K2 Tech

“Three years ago I made the switch from a large international payroll company to my friends at Palmetto Payroll. I have never looked back. With Palmetto Payroll I am confident I will stay in compliance with tax reporting and all the new ever-changing government rules and regulations. If you can run a small business and appreciate what other small businesses do, you will appreciate the friendly people at Palmetto Payroll. Keep it local SC! I’ve met the owners of Palmetto Payroll. You will not find better people to device your payroll needs.”

Jay Kilmartin
Melting Pot

“Palmetto Payroll has been a turnkey solution for our small business. Quarterly, annual, and pay period services that are as efficient as a larger payroll service, but with a very personal level of connection. Having been with the large services in the past, we can truly appreciate the difference. An email or phone call is all it takes to make changes, or get needed information. Having a personal representative that we have a relationship with makes all of the difference.”

Larry Lucas
State Farm

“I have been a client of Palmetto Payroll for many years now. Prior to moving my business to Palmetto Payroll, I was with the big box payroll company. My business has different payrolls every week, with commission sales people. Every week, I was treated like a new customer, they did not know how to handle my payroll. With Palmetto Payroll, my payroll is correct every time, my representative, treats me like I am more than a client and I have complete confidence in their work. Not to mention, I am paying less. I would highly recommend Palmetto Payroll to any business. They save time, money and headaches.”

Sandy Morgan
Morgan & Associates, Nationwide Insurance

“Palmetto Payroll Solutions has extremely responsive customer service. Their ability to customize payroll and HR solutions for us during a time of rapid growth and transition within our company was greatly appreciated. They are extremely responsive when any of our employees have payroll questions. Their hands on guidance made the transition to their automated payroll system extremely efficient for us. We are very glad we made the switch to Palmetto Payroll Solutions.”

Craig Knowlton
Alder Energy Systems

“After struggling with other payroll companies, five years ago we started working with Palmetto Payroll and have never looked back. All of our payroll needs are handled in a professional and timely manner and in the process they provide the highest level of customer service to each member of our team. With the yearly changes in labor and employment laws, we are confident that our payroll and compliance issues are handled timely and correctly. We are so pleased that Palmetto Payroll is a part of our team.”

Carol Simon
Decker Jewelry and Pawn