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January 2017

Outsourced Payroll

Keeping Outsourced Payroll Safe

Cyber-crime is on the rise. It seems like we can’t turn on the news without seeing reports of a new data breach or phishing scam stealing the personal information of hardworking business owners and their employees. With so many weak spots online, business owners are forced to ask: how safe is an outsourced payroll service?…
Palmetto Payroll
January 31, 2017
Payroll ProcessingSmall Business

What Can A Payroll System Do For Me?

In businesses of all sizes, a payroll system can allow business owners or employees to alleviate the multitude of tasks associated with carrying out payroll themselves. From keeping track of hours to withholding taxes, payroll systems handle it all so that businesses can rest assured that everything on their accounting end is being taken care of…
Palmetto Payroll
January 13, 2017