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May 2022

Downsizing employees business decision tiles on table
Human Resources

How to Approach Downsizing Employees

“Downsizing” is a word that no employee wants to hear. However, many companies choose to downsize for various reasons. Downsizing employees is likely never an easy or pleasant decision for a company to make.  What is Downsizing Employees?  Downsizing employees refers to when a company terminates multiple employees at the same time for a specific…
Palmetto Payroll
May 31, 2022
stack of coins and plant indicating economic growth in Columbia, SC
Columbia News

Experts Predict Growth in Columbia, SC 

Figures from the most recent U.S. Census show South Carolina to be the 10th fastest-growing state in the country. And the Columbia area experienced continued vibrant population growth as well. As reported by the Census, Columbia, SC grew 5.7 percent over the last decade, with growth in Richmond County reported to be 8.2 percent, along with…
Palmetto Payroll
May 17, 2022
growing pains concept; business man held back as he tries to move forward
Small Business

Growing Pains: Why Your Company is Struggling to Grow 

Let’s face it. Starting a business, challenging as that is, is still easier than growing a business. Virtually every business struggles with growing pains. Even large companies struggle to sustain continuous healthy growth. And here’s the thing. The growth challenges faced by a 6-month-old 10-person business are quite different from the challenges faced by a…
Palmetto Payroll
May 2, 2022