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October 2022

Small business employees work team happy celebrating reduce high turnover

12 Steps to Reduce High Turnover Rates 

In his acclaimed book, “Good to Great,” author Jim Collins described the importance of getting the right people on the “bus” and in the right seats. It is also important to keep them “on the bus” because employee turnover is costly and can be disruptive. Losing key people is a dilemma for all businesses but it can be…
Palmetto Payroll
October 26, 2022
Small business owner handing holiday bonuses money wrapped in bow gift
Small Business

Should Your Company Give Holiday Bonuses? 

No matter the state of the economy, most employees generally desire holiday bonuses and annual raises. But as a small business owner, there are many considerations to examine before giving bonuses. So, should business owners give their employees holiday bonuses?  How Often do Companies Give Holiday Bonuses  The data indicate a range of possibilities. A report from…
Palmetto Payroll
October 14, 2022