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June 2022

Outsource HR function manager hiring new employee for client company
Human Resources

What it Looks Like to Outsource HR 

It is always critical for businesses to evaluate their staffing needs because human talent is a key factor in every business’s success. But human talent also consumes a large part of a business’s operating costs. A critical decision faced by many businesses is whether to hire a complete HR staff or to outsource HR functions. In…
Palmetto Payroll
June 30, 2022
Restaurant sign hiring employees restaurant employment rate
Small Business

Restaurant Employment Rates – 2022 Trends 

Dining out is certainly popular in the United States. In fact, the average American eats away from home about 5.9 times per week. There are over 660,000 restaurants in the United States to feed that “dine-out appetite.” However, restaurant employment rates are currently being hard-pressed to keep up with consumer demand rates.   Here are some interesting facts. First,…
Palmetto Payroll
June 15, 2022