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January 2022

Outsourced Payroll

Why Your Restaurant Should Outsource Its Payroll Services

If you’re a restaurant owner, payroll services are a must to ensure the proper calculation of tips and the collection of taxes. Outsourcing offers your business more than just accurate calculations and payments for employees who work at your restaurant. It provides you and your managers with peace of mind. Here’s why outsourced payroll services…
Palmetto Payroll
January 31, 2022

How Business Owners Can Prepare for Tax Season

Are you hoping to help your business prepare for tax season? Those that haven't been in business for a long time run the risk of filing in an incorrect manner. Even those that have a lot of tax experience might make errors if they don't prepare for it properly. Making mistakes during tax season can prove…
Palmetto Payroll
January 15, 2022