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November 2022

Good office culture team of employees being productive working hard together cooperation
Company Culture

5 Ways Office Culture Impacts Productivity 

Every business, to be successful, must work like a symphony where each “instrument” (function/department) plays its part in time and in tune with the other parts. The thing that brings “harmony” to the work is office culture. Yet, it would be a mistake for business leaders to let office culture define itself without a deliberate effort…
Palmetto Payroll
November 30, 2022
Meeting with HR handling employee conflict
Human Resources

When Should HR Handle Employee Conflict?

It has frequently been stated that employees are the heart of every organization. Thus, healthy employee relationships contribute mightily to the strength of an organization’s success. Conversely, if there is poor company culture, if relationship problems exist, and especially if there is conflict in the workplace, the “heart” will become weak and ineffective. The leaders of every organization…
Palmetto Payroll
November 14, 2022