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Company Culture

Good office culture team of employees being productive working hard together cooperation
Company Culture

5 Ways Office Culture Impacts Productivity 

Every business, to be successful, must work like a symphony where each “instrument” (function/department) plays its part in time and in tune with the other parts. The thing that brings “harmony” to the work is office culture. Yet, it would be a mistake for business leaders to let office culture define itself without a deliberate effort…
Palmetto Payroll
November 30, 2022
Company Culture

4 Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover

The current American workforce has seen rapid changes in the past couple of years due in part to economic uncertainty and worldwide lockdowns. While unprecedented times may be partly to blame, the fact still stands that the job market has changed. In fact, according to one survey, employee turnover is costing businesses just over $26,000 per…
Palmetto Payroll
February 28, 2022
Palmetto Payroll Outsourced Human Resources Benefits of Outsourcing
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6 Reasons Your Business Needs Outsourced Human Resources

The global human resources market was valued at $17.56 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow 12.2% by 2028. This is huge and shows that a human resources department is becoming extremely necessary everywhere. However, it can be a struggle to stay on top of the ever-evolving laws, trends, and technology involved in this sector. If you're…
Palmetto Payroll
December 4, 2021
personal service Palmetto_Payroll_Personal_Service
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Why Is Personal Service Important for Small Businesses?

As more businesses go digital, it's easy to forget that your customers and employees are humans that need that personal touch. Personal service is one of the first things that gets sacrificed when it comes to running a modern business. This is especially true when transactions can be completed without talking to an actual person. Did you know that…
Palmetto Payroll
November 3, 2021
non-compete restrictions
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How Will Recent Changes in Non-Compete Restrictions Impact Your Small Business?

Requiring new employees to sign non-compete agreements has been standard practice for decades, and non-compete restrictions have been established to follow. By signing a non-compete agreement, employees agree not to conduct business that acts as direct competition to their employer within a specific geographic region. The agreement is enforceable throughout the duration of the worker’s…
Palmetto Payroll
September 30, 2021
flexible benefits
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How Offering Flexible Benefits Helps Smaller Companies Compete for Talent

Starting salary is just one of many variables people consider when deciding to accept a job offer. Offering flexible benefits is one way that smaller businesses can compete with larger companies for top talent. For many people, benefits such as health insurance and paid time off are even more important. However, they also value choice when…
Palmetto Payroll
September 17, 2021
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Recruitment Strategies For Small Businesses in 2021

Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new talent will look different in 2021 than it did even a year ago. The increase in permanent remote working arrangements, massive unemployment followed by a labor shortage, and ongoing workplace disruption are just some of the challenges that today’s small and mid-sized companies face. Recruitment strategies that worked in the…
Palmetto Payroll
May 17, 2021