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February 2023

Overstaffed your small business employees standing around talking not enough work to do
Human Resources

10 Signs You’ve Overstaffed Your Small Business 

Employees are crucial assets for every company. And having employees with the right talents and at the right levels is essential to having a productive, efficient workforce that contributes to a company’s success. But having overstaffed your small business works against your success.   The Results of Being Overstaffed  When a company is overstaffed, it is paying…
Palmetto Payroll
February 28, 2023
Employees meeting with boss business owner employees want from job work-life balance flexibility stability
Human Resources

12 Things Employees Want from Their Job 

Every employer should want happy employees. As Hendrith Vanlon Smith, Jr., CEO of Mayflower-Plymouth Capital said, “When your employees are happy at work, they do a better job. And when they do a better job, customers feel it. And when customers feel that happiness coming from a company’s employees, it’s like they just wanna spend their money…
Palmetto Payroll
February 15, 2023