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September 2022

Stacks of coins supporting chess pieces financially stable
Small Business

How to Make Your Small Business Financially Stable 

Every small business owner aims to create and build awareness, secure a loyal and growing customer base, generate increasing revenues, and become financially stable. There are so many things to do to make a small business successful, but in truth, becoming financially stable is the thing that can make or break a business.  Why it is Important…
Palmetto Payroll
September 29, 2022
Jumping hurdles overcoming small business setbacks
Small Business

How to Overcome Small Business Setbacks 

If you are running a small business, you want “smooth sailing,” right? Good sales, consistent profits, growth, and no setbacks. Well, unfortunately, the path for most if not all small businesses includes some “bumps in the road;” small business setbacks. The harsh reality is that about 20 percent of new businesses fail during their first two years…
Palmetto Payroll
September 15, 2022