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July 2022

Business owner handing paycheck pay employees happy worker
Human Resources

How Much Should I Pay Employees 

Every small business owner asks himself/herself, “How much should I pay employees?” The right employee pay is truly one of the most critical issues for a business owner to solve.  Is Employee Pay Really Important?  Employee pay is not simply a budget number. It is a critical measure that reflects how each employee feels he/she…
Palmetto Payroll
July 29, 2022
Business woman looking at digital time sheets
Time Keeping

Why You Should Use Digital Time Sheets

Business leaders have so many things to do. Some of those could be described as “administrative maintenance,” like timekeeping and attendance. A wise executive will look for ways to focus on moving his/her business forward instead of spending valuable time on the less critical functions. A great solution is digital time sheets, a key element of…
Palmetto Payroll
July 14, 2022