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If you’re a restaurant owner, payroll services are a must to ensure the proper calculation of tips and the collection of taxes. Outsourcing offers your business more than just accurate calculations and payments for employees who work at your restaurant. It provides you and your managers with peace of mind.

Here’s why outsourced payroll services works:


When your employees are paid correctly on time, you can focus your attention on other business areas that need your attention. You can be confident that costs like insurance premiums, workers compensation premiums, unemployment tax rates, and other mandatory payroll deductions will be calculated properly.

And because payroll tax liabilities are paid every month, you don’t have to worry about getting your paperwork together every quarter. By outsourcing your payroll management for at least two years, you can avoid the fuss of hiring and training an in-house staff member complete with a benefits package.

Financial Security

Your restaurant depends on a predictable flow of income to stay afloat, and that flow of income is threatened when the government audits your books. Payroll tax liabilities can run in thousands of dollars, and this liability stays with you even if you go out of business.

Your creditors may be able to take back money from an employee who has outstanding wages or unused vacation time but cannot recover any money from the government. With outsourced human resources and payroll management, you are shielded from these risks entirely. Your business is safe because our expert team takes care of all of your payroll liabilities.

Increased Efficiency

Outsourcing your payroll services means you have more time to focus on the other aspects of running a restaurant. You can rest assured that professionals pay and handle all of your business-related taxes. This leaves you with no further responsibility other than ensuring that your employees receive their paychecks on time every week or two.

Your business is given the ultimate goal of making money without any excess responsibilities taking away from that focus.


Customers expect a well-run organization to have its administrative and accounting functions in order. Outsourcing your payroll management provides them with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is being handled by an experienced professional.

Better Profitability

Your restaurant is more than just a business location where food and beverages are served. It’s also a place of employment, requiring the input of human resources to keep it functioning smoothly. If your employees are not happy or efficient, your profits will be affected as you work harder and longer to compensate for lost production time.

Outsourcing payroll services is the best way to ensure that your employees are paid correctly, on time, and without any hassle. And because you aren’t responsible for paying employees benefits like health insurance, it means more money comes back to your bottom line.

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