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If you’re ready to switch to a new payroll service provider, picking the perfect moment can feel a bit like a chore. You want to make the transition as smooth as possible, but you don’t want to wait around forever to get up and running with a new provider. How do you time it just right, so you have all your information ready without being at the mercy of your calendar?

Do I have to wait?

The old stand-by advice is to wait until either the beginning of the new year or a new quarter. These options aren’t always practical or desirable, especially for professionals who just want to do what they do best: manage their businesses!


It’s true that switching at the start of a new quarter or year cuts the amount of time spent calculating the numbers that need to be input into the new system. The earlier in the new year you switch, the less data you have to prepare and give to your new provider.


But, sticking with a payroll service that does a poor job can be even more frustrating and time-consuming than finding a new provider mid-year or mid-quarter. You’re not only worrying about moving your information at that point—you’re also left to consider any errors they may have made with your existing payroll.


The perfect time to switch is now!

Luckily, with online payroll services, you don’t have to wait. Any time is the perfect time to pick a new provider! We here at Palmetto Payroll Services know that good service is more important than waiting out the clock, so we do all the heavy lifting, even mid-quarter: we calculate your quarter-to-date liabilities, take a look at what you’ve already paid, and work with you to reconcile the difference.

The perfect payroll system is as hands-on or hands-off as you want it to be.

We also recognize that when it comes to your payroll needs, one size really doesn’t fit all. We know that different clients prefer different levels of service, and that flexibility is vital to creating your perfect payroll system. If you’re working with a payroll provider who doesn’t let you retain the level of control you want, we can work with you at any point during the year to help you find a plan that’s a better fit.


Or maybe you’re in the opposite situation—perhaps you want your provider to take on more responsibilities so you can focus fully on other areas of your business. That’s no problem, either. Whether we’re in January or December, just starting a new quarter or right in the middle of one, we’ll work with you to transfer your payroll services quickly and efficiently so you’re as hands-off as you want to be with your payroll system.


If you already know a new payroll service provider could help you run your business better, why wait? You don’t need to worry about the time of the year or where you are in your fiscal quarter. Switching to a new payroll service team is now easier than ever. Give us a call today, and let’s figure out how we can work together to make your job easier!