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You may have heard how much small businesses benefit the general economy by providing jobs for more than half of all Americans. However, it would be a mistake to assume that the benefits of small businesses end there. 

From bringing communities together to offering more unique products than you might find at your local big box retailers or discount store, the benefits of small businesses go far beyond the financial.

Giving Back to the Local Community

People who purchase and operate businesses in a certain town often feel a sense of loyalty and gratitude to those who live and work there. Small business owners also tend to have a greater sense of how their own decisions affect the community better than the leadership of large organizations do. 

For example, a grocery store owner might petition the city to remain open 24 hours a day because he or she knows that a lot of people in town have different work schedules than the typical 9 to 5.

While large companies are often charitable as well, the owners of small businesses are more likely to know the people or organizations where they donate time or money. This makes it more personal to them, which in turn can inspire them to be more generous and set off a chain reaction among community members.

Local Businesses Helps to Create a Unique Identity

It’s true that many communities, including small rural towns, are home to chain restaurants, stores, and gas stations. It’s just as likely, however, for each community to have one-of-a-kind business establishments. 

These businesses help give the area its own identity. Some city governments even require the physical presentation of a business to blend in with others to preserve that identity and sense of character.

Keeping Money and Jobs in the Local Community

When people choose to shop in their own local community, the tax dollars raised stay right there. This benefits the community because it provides revenue to make improvements. 

The same is true when the owner of a local business chooses to source his or her inventory and supplies locally. Local small businesses create jobs that keep people working in their own communities. 

The more people who work local, the less they must commute and contribute to air pollution and poor road conditions. For residents of the community, supporting local business also means supporting the livelihood of their family, friends, and neighbors.

Palmetto Payroll is Proud to Support Local Business

At Palmetto Payroll, our motto is Local Business, Local Solutions. We currently work with more than 300 small business owners in the Columbia, South Carolina area offering a wide range of business support services. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about how we can support your local business.