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Running your own small business is an experience that’s as rewarding as it is challenging. You get to see your hard work pay off in the real world, watching your company adapt and grow over time. You also need to know the right moves to make to keep that growth and change manageable. What are those moves, and what can you do to keep your business on track? We’re glad you asked!


  • Know where your time is going

Maintaining and growing your small business depends on you. How much time are you putting in, and in what areas? What are your daily activities? How much time do you spend meeting with your clients, running your company, or training employees? How much time do you spend on back-office tasks like payroll services and time keeping?

If you find that back-office tasks are taking up more of your time than you’d like, consider what a payroll services team could do for you. Rather than having to spend your workday dealing with the minute details, you could be focusing more on the parts of your business that will help you expand: working to train and improve your staff, and working with your clientele to do the job you love.


  • Be clear with your goals

Small business owners may not have a crystal ball handed to them when they start out, but they should still have a map. From your daily goals to the big-picture 5-year plans, knowing what projects you want to undertake will help you stay the course and keep your business moving forward. Knowing what part of your daily routine can be handed off will help you concentrate on bigger plans, narrowing the focus of where your business is, and where you’d like it to go.


  • Listen and adapt

Inspiration can come from anywhere. An employee, a client, an advisor, or just your own gut—any of these may set off a spark that makes you re-think your long-term plans. Listen to suggestions, but stay true to your big picture—even if that big picture starts to change. Know when to stick to the plan, and when to adapt. If you’re being held back by the little details of your day, a payroll service may be able to take some of that work off your plate and help you re-focus.

Even the most carefully laid-out plans can get knocked off-course. Be flexible, adapt to changes in your business’ environment, and be willing to listen. This could help you determine whether you need to make some big changes, or just a few little ones to make sure you meet your business’ goals.