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Maybe you skipped out on using content marketing for recruiting because you didn’t think that it applied. However, your company can benefit from a strong content marketing campaign to hire the best of the best. In fact, companies from all industries enjoy a 600 percent greater conversion rate using content marketing than those than don’t.  Here’s how to use this strategy to make a big impact on your recruiting.

Using the Customer Persona in the Recruiting World

Brands have long used customer personas to understand who their typical customer is, their motives for buying, and the types of products they’re most likely to purchase. Human resources can use this same strategy to recruit top talent for their organization. The following are some important factors to consider when creating an employee persona:

  • What is the person looking for in a new employer?
  • What types of technical skills does he or she bring to the job?
  • What methods does this fictional employee use to search for jobs? Is it online sources, offline sources, word-of-mouth, or a combination of all of them?
  • What does this person expect in terms of employee benefits and corporate culture?
  • What are some of their greatest interests outside of work?

Since human resources representatives can’t read the minds of people who might apply to the company, the next best thing is to survey people who already work there. Employees should feel free to share what they like and dislike most about working for the business. Did they expect more in terms of benefits or do they feel satisfied with what’s currently offered? Another important question to ask is how employees learned of their current job opening and how they applied for it. This will help you focus your content marketing efforts where potential employees are most likely to see them.

Using the Employee Persona to Create Content

The type of content that you create depends largely on who you are attempting to reach as a potential employee. If it’s salespeople, you may want to create a video of your current sales team collaborating together to sell to a challenging customer and then celebrating a successful sale. If it’s IT workers, writing a post about what a difference your IT team made in solving a complex problem recently will demonstrate that your company appreciates people with technical skills. The post should include tangible things such as how much money the IT team saved the company by reducing downtime from hours to minutes.

You also need to consider where to promote your content to ensure that it reaches its target audience. This isn’t always easy to do with the number of social media platforms available. Study each platform to learn who it attracts and then post your content accordingly. You might also survey employees in different departments to learn more about where they look for industry news.

Monitor Your Company’s Online Presence

Your human resources department isn’t the only one putting information about your company out on the Internet. Current and former employees may leave reviews on sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor. Be sure to monitor these reviews and respond professionally when appropriate. Keep in mind that prospective employees will pay the most attention to the opinions of their peers rather than your recruiting department.

These are just a few tips on how to use content marketing to recruit top talent. At Palmetto Payroll, we want your business to be successful!  Contact us to learn more about the services we offer that can make running a business a whole lot easier.