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According to the results of a recent Gallup poll, the number one reason that people resign from their jobs is that they feel unappreciated. This ranks over several other common struggles that people have at work such as conflicts with family responsibilities and not getting along well with their boss. The poll also states that nearly two-thirds of American workers have received no form of appreciation from their employer in the last year.

If you have great employees whom you truly appreciate, now is the perfect time of year to let them know. Not only will you be spreading holiday cheer, but you will also help to meet one of the most basic human needs of feeling appreciated. Employee recognition leads to employee satisfaction which ultimately leads to employee retention. Even if you don’t have a big budget for gifts, you can demonstrate employee appreciation in several other creative ways.

Brag About Your Employees on Social Media

You don’t need to have an official Employee of the Month program to recognize great employees for their contributions. If your business maintains social media accounts, all you need to do is post a photo and state what your employee does that you and others appreciate so much. When you tag the employee in the photo, his or her friends can also view your note of appreciation.

Let Them Know You Value Their Input

If there’s one thing people love as much as feeling appreciated, it’s others asking for their opinion or input. As often as is feasible, be sure to ask each person who reports to you directly what they think about a specific matter at work. You might be surprised at how this improves the ability to solve problems at your office. If you’re able to use an idea that one of your employees proposes, make it a point to let others know who provided the idea in the first place. If you can’t use the idea, don’t hesitate to thank the employee anyway and discuss possible alternatives.

Consider a Gift of Luggage for Frequent Business Travelers

An employee who travels frequently to bring more business to your company sacrifices time with family, a normal sleep schedule, and other comforts of home. Why not show your appreciation this holiday season by gifting your employee with a new set of luggage? The gift itself recognizes and acknowledges the employee’s sacrifices while also demonstrating that you care about his or her comfort and ability to travel in style.

Need Help Coming Up with Holiday Gifts or Employee Appreciation Program?

It can be challenging to show employee appreciation in formal, tangible ways. This is especially true if you’re a new business owner or haven’t practiced this in the past. A representative from Palmetto Payroll can help you create a budget for employee appreciation that honors your workers without putting you into debt. We also offer numerous other small business support services to keep your company running as efficiently as possible. Please contact us today to learn more.