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Smart managers know that hiring top talent is critical in today’s business environment. Hiring top talent includes but is much more than finding “a good fit.” It is a light year ahead of grabbing someone that is available simply to fill a slot. In fact, hiring top talent can mean the difference between business success and failure. 

The Benefits of Hiring Top Talent 

focus on hiring top talent using a strong talent management system will result in improved morale because individuals that are hired will fit the company culture. Indeed, well-directed top talent will improve a company’s culture.  It fosters business growth because the output is improved, and team members can better serve the company’s customers. It helps businesses adapt to internal changes and changes in the marketplace. It improves retention rates and reduces employee turnover. Hiring and developing high-performance talent makes the workforce as productive as possible. Overall, it helps achieve the best possible performance and helps the business become and remain more competitive.  

How to Identify and Develop Top Talent When Hiring 

Use these tips for identifying and hiring top talent: 

Think ahead. Hiring shouldn’t be a “grab and go” decision. What is your five-year talent strategy? Make sure to hire the skills and expertise that align with your long-term strategy and that will contribute meaningfully to your future business growth, not just the skills that you may need now. 

Skills list. Create a thorough list of the skills and expertise that you need. That list should include consideration of required versus desired skills, developed versus trainable skills, and mandatory versus simply preferred experience. Then, using that list, focus on the right traits as you search for and evaluate candidates. 

Value potential. Look at a candidate’s potential as well as their performance history. Consider their growth over time and their future developmental horizon. 

Be data-driven. Evaluate candidates using numerical data, not just gut reaction. Use a validated talent assessment tool to help in the hiring process. 

Be fully engaged. Invest critical leadership time into the recruiting and hiring process. 

Up-front due diligence. Do extensive upfront due diligence. Don’t base a critical hiring decision on instinct. Rather, spend time with a candidate, speaking with each one several times. 

Stay inside, where possible. When a manager has a good talent management system, he/she will focus on developing inside team members. That can prevent expensive mis-hires, lead to higher morale, and build a stronger company culture. 

Hiring expectations. Clarify your hiring expectations up-front with candidates to prevent any misunderstandings.  

Think inclusively. Organizations that are marked by diversity and inclusivity have been shown to be higher performing. Plus, don’t try to hire individuals that look and sound just like you. 

Post-hiring development. Create a development plan after hiring an individual. Work on ways to make each employee better.

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