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When choosing new HR technology for your company, it’s essential to keep both the candidate and employee experience in mind. The Internet has given both groups the power to share their experiences with your company, both good and bad, in a real-time setting. With this in mind, your human resources department should consider shifting the way it views a job candidate. Rather than viewing him or her as someone the company is doing a favor, approach a candidate as a customer of the company. Knowing the importance of customer service should help facilitate the treatment of applicants for open positions.

How HR Technology Affects Job Candidate Experience

The experience that a job applicant has with a company can be a long one. It starts the first time he or she expresses interest in the pre-application stage, and runs all the way to the interview, job offer, and onboarding. For most HR departments, technology plays a huge role in this process. Completing initial applications and first-round interviews online are just two common examples. Another is using artificial intelligence to review resumes and select only those that contain certain keywords or phrases.

While technology isn’t human, it can have a positive or negative impact on the way that prospective employees feel about a company throughout the screening and hiring process. If it ends up making things more difficult for job candidates, they will likely stop the hiring process and consider it an overall negative experience. When the combination of HR technology and input from a representative of your human resources department is excellent, the candidate will remember the experience fondly and relay it to his or her immediate circle of friends, family, and business associates.

Employee Experience is Equally as Critical

Your company leadership and HR department may feel that they can let down their guard once an employee is in the door. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Employees must continue to have good experiences, especially with HR technology, to consider staying long-term with the company or referring other qualified people to apply for open positions.

One surprising thing to consider in this regard is that your company may have invested in too much HR technology that disrupts employees rather than helps them. Have you looked at your company’s HR technology lately to see if it requires employees to login to multiple systems to ensure that a simple request such as an address change or time off goes to the appropriate person? If so, this can make employees feel much more frustrated than empowered.

A Simple Human Resources Solution

Palmetto Payroll offers everything from simple web-based data storage of human resources files to a complete HR management system. We maintain offices in Columbia, South Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina for your convenience. In addition to HR functions, we can also assist you with payroll, tax deposits and filing, time-keeping, and self-service solutions. We are here to provide as little or as much help as you need to keep your company running smoothly, employees happy, and to provide a positive and welcoming environment for job applicants.