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The year 2020 was like no other due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that much of the country has returned to normal, those in human resources management are discovering that some trends that emerged during the pandemic are here to stay. We outline some of three of these trends below.

Virtual or Hybrid Working Arrangements Are Now the Norm

Working from home was already growing in popularity before the pandemic. With advances in technology, people could attend meetings virtually and conduct much of their employer’s business from their home office. Then the coronavirus forced millions of people to make the sudden switch to working from home full-time. People have gotten used to this arrangement after a year, and many are unable or unwilling to return to a daily commute to work.

Some of the biggest companies in the United States have opted to make work from home a permanent arrangement if an employee’s physical presence at the office is not essential. Other companies have taken a more hybrid approach and offered to let employees continue working part-time at home and part-time at the office. Whatever your company decides, you should understand that many people now expect to have this working option available to them.

Teamwork is Even More Important Now

Just because some employees may work from home and co-workers are not physically present in the same space does not mean that companies have done away with the concept of working in teams. Virtual teams are especially popular right now and that trend should only continue to grow. With the availability of online team management systems such as Slack and Basecamp, not to mention Zoom meetings, team members can work from any location. Some factors that some companies will need to improve to have functioning and efficient virtual teams include:

  • New technology implementation
  • Skills improvement through ongoing training efforts
  • Creating a company culture that values growth and resilience

Increased Automation

Businesses need to cut costs wherever they can, and automation can help them achieve that goal. Allowing technology to take over routine tasks frees up employee time to focus more on revenue-generating projects rather than administrative work. Employees appreciate this because it gives them the chance to use their skills and training in a productive way. From data entry to follow-up emails, administrative tasks drain a lot of time and energy from the typical employee’s day.

Human resources departments can also use automation to provide a better employee experience. One example is putting benefits enrollment, time off requests, and payroll information totally online. This allows employees to access information from the privacy of their homes, or wherever it is most convenient for them.

Contact Palmetto Payroll for Help in Navigating the New World of Human Resources

You might have had no say in many of the changes that occurred in human resources over the past year but have to make the best of them, nonetheless. Palmetto Payroll understands the challenges you face and offers numerous services to support you. Please contact us today to learn more or to request a consultation.