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Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new talent will look different in 2021 than it did even a year ago. The increase in permanent remote working arrangements, massive unemployment followed by a labor shortage, and ongoing workplace disruption are just some of the challenges that today’s small and mid-sized companies face. Recruitment strategies that worked in the past simply will not do anymore.

New Recruitment Strategies Must Address the Reality of a Large Remote Workforce

S & P Global Marketing conducted a survey of hundreds of employers in early 2021, and nobody was really surprised at the results. A full two-thirds of company leaders responding to the survey indicated that having at least a partially remote workforce is a change that is here to stay.

Closed or scaled-back physical offices give employers an advantage when it comes to expanding the search for qualified talent. Without the need to work in the same location every day, businesses can extend their search across the country or even across the world.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed employee expectations to the point that many people interviewing for jobs now expect to have the option of remote work available to them. The sooner companies get on board with this, the more they can compete for skilled, experienced workers. One of the challenges will be offering flexible hours, good IT support, and other attractive benefits that help employers stand out from the crowd.

People Want to Work at a Company that Supports Their Values

More than any generation before them, the 20 to 40-year-olds of the Millennial generation desire to have their career match the values most important to them as much as possible. The most efficient way to attract the right job candidates is to invest time in employer branding.

Companies can present their brand by making it clear in job advertisements how the company connects to various social justice and awareness issues. Since most people research a company online before applying or scheduling an interview, businesses should start their branding campaign with social media and their own website.

The application process should also highlight employer branding to give prospective employees the right impression of the business. A company’s recruitment strategies should leave no lingering doubts about what the company represents.

Get Creative with Employee Benefits

With more people than ever working from home, benefits such as free parking or reduced onsite lunches are not going to matter like they once did. Employers need to think outside the box to come up with benefits that match the realities of today’s working environment. Childcare stipends, a home office stipend, and flexible wellness benefits that support the health of the whole person can make an enormous difference.

Palmetto Payroll is Here to Help Employers Navigate the New Reality

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