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Let’s face it, 2020 was a difficult year for everyone. Maybe your company had to send some or all of its employees home to work to help control the spread of the coronavirus. Between the sudden upheaval and financial uncertainty, America’s workers are under stress like they have never seen in the past.

The best thing you can do for your employees now that the calendar has flipped to 2021 is let them know that you’re still there for them and do anything you can to improve morale. This is an admirable goal whether you have staff working at the office, from home, or a combination of both.

Help Employees Establish Boundaries Between Work and Home

Creating healthy boundaries around work and personal time can be challenging for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for those who have never worked from home. Since they have the technological capability to work from home, they may feel like they need to be available days, nights, and weekends to respond to concerns from the office. Unfortunately, this sets them on the fast track to burnout.

Encouraging your employees to set their non-negotiable office hours, even if they work from home, can provide an incredible boost to morale. While they need to be available during business hours, letting others know that they won’t respond to emails, texts, or calls outside of business hours can be quite liberating. Most people understand that emergencies come up and they will occasionally need to be more flexible. However, this should be the exception and not the expectation.

Be Generous with Your Praise

You might be surprised at what a kind word, smile, or acknowledgment of a job well done can do for employee morale. When an employee exceeds expectations, take the time to acknowledge his or her hard work and make sure the rest of the team knows as well. This small gesture helps employees feel appreciated, which can in turn help them feel more loyal to your company and reduce its turnover.

Providing small token gifts such as a gift card to a local coffee shop or a few extra hours of paid time off is another great way to show employees that you appreciate them. The criteria can be anything you would like, from perfect attendance to receiving compliments from customers.

Show Interest in Your Employees’ Success

Even when you love certain employees and never want them to leave, a good manager or business owner puts the needs of others first. Practically speaking, that means investing in the career of everyone you manage by learning more about their career aspirations. Helping your employees develop skills is just one way you can show interest in their career path and is an excellent way to build morale.

You’re There for Your Employees, We’re Here for You

No matter what your position in the company, you need support too. Whether that is with payroll, management reporting, timekeeping, or other common administrative tasks, Palmetto Payroll can help. Please contact us at 803-252-3083 to request an appointment or learn more about our services.