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It’s tempting to want to rest on your laurels when you have been in business for a long time. After all, you must have done many things right for your business to enjoy the success that it does today. While there’s nothing wrong with feeling proud of your success, it’s important to remain open to new ways of doing things. This is true whether you have owned a business for 30 days or 30 years. You simply won’t be able to keep pace with the competition and consumer demand unless you embrace innovation.


A New Way to Approach Old Problems

Remaining flexible and keeping an open mind is important in life just as much as in business. People who insist that their way is the only right way and refuse to consider change tend to feel frustrated and dissatisfied with life. Unfortunately, these attitudes can be the death of a business.

Imagine that your company has been dealing with a difficult issue for some time now. Perhaps employee turnover remains high despite your attempts to address it or you would like to obtain better rates from product suppliers. Have you considered that the reason you can’t seem to solve a pressing problem is that you approach it the same way you always have? Innovative thinking means that you’re willing to brainstorm with your employees and consider new and creative solutions.

The idea might still fail, but you won’t know unless you’re willing to try something new. Don’t be afraid to start over with new ideas if the first one or several that you try don’t solve the problem either. Just keep in mind that the solutions you have been trying to force for years aren’t an option anymore.


Innovation and Increased Productivity

Productivity suffers when companies continue to force processes that no longer work. An innovative mindset allows you to consider that it might be time to streamline some processes, eliminate others, and change who is responsible for what. Maybe you have been taking on too much yourself and need to learn to delegate. Employees tend to be most productive when they feel heard and when they understand their own role in the collaborative process. Rather than something to fear, embracing innovation could help your company see results you never thought possible.


The Importance of Listening and Transparency

When you gather ideas from your employees, it’s important to let them know whether you implemented them and how you did so. Employees will be much more willing to contribute in the future if they think their ideas made a difference. Don’t forget to listen to your customers either. Ask them directly what they like and don’t like about your products and processes. You might be surprised at how often this sparks an idea to do things differently and even better than you do now.


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