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A management reporting system for a small business is a mechanism that is used to monitor the overall mission of an organization. There are three influential factors concerning management reporting for a small business including the desired organization structure, the time-phased statement of organizational goals, and the other critical organization components.

A reporting system collects, stores, analyzes, and provides access to crucial data regarding your small business and is used to make more informed and knowledgeable decisions for the small business. All the essential data is collected and placed into annual reports with as much detail as possible.

Organizational Structure

Organizational structures can typically be divided into three different categories:

  • Functional Structure: Each part of the small business organization is segmented into various parts and are divided according to that part of the organization’s purpose. The functional structure works particularly well for small businesses, and it is easier to coordinate and communicate between the different departments
  • Divisional Structure: This type of structure is usually seen in bigger businesses, rather than small businesses and they tend to operate in larger geographical areas. The divisional structure can be set up However, communication may not be as easy or efficient due to the size of the business employing this type of structure
  • Matrix: The Matrix organizational structure is a combination of functional and divisional. The small business can see the same benefits from each of the other structures, and they are able to exist in just one organization at a time. It also offers the company the chance to have dual management options

A solid organizational structure can allow the small business to grow and see a potential increase in productivity and profits. It is recommended to choose the organizational structure that is best suited for your particular small business.

Time-Phased Statement

A time-phased statement refers to the distribution of different activities, resources, and targets or milestones for the small business. Effective time-phasing statements in management reporting can help a small business reach their deadlines and schedule the proper completion of certain projects or tasks.

Time-phased statements can also supply information for cash flow visibility and risk management for your small business. Time-phased statements in management reporting will also help determine the budget for the project and can forecast if the tasks will be done on time while staying within the specified budget.

Revenue in a small business differentiates from costs and achieves different patterns. The statement and management reporting is important to track where the money is going, when it is being spent and for what. The cash flow going out may not be on the same path as it is when it comes back in.

Management Reporting for Payroll

Management reporting is also effective when it comes to the payroll services of a small business because it can help keep track of department and division summaries, worker’s compensation reports, vacation and sick time accrual, and even Fiscal Year reporting.

Payroll recap reports can also help a small business keep better track of their payroll expense items such as debits and credits and in which department or division these charges were made and how often they were made.

Why Organization is Critical for a Small Business

Management reporting and organization is critical for a small business because these reports will provide relevant information that is needed to make informed decisions concerning the company. The information is shared throughout different levels of management and assists with information regarding cash flow, current trends, and other funds.

The reports should only contain relevant information, and a target goal for the organization should be set in advance so that the reports have something to measure toward standards and target goals. The small business is comparing their actual performance analytics with their budgets to see if they are staying within their goals.

Management reporting is essentially a control tool used by a small business to ensure profitability and make sure that the right instructions and critical information are reaching the appropriate people within the small business.

Management tools will also be effective in reaching the overall objectives of the small business so that the business can see maximum profit levels and controlled cash flow procedures. By doing so, a small business can increase their profitability and effectiveness.

If you are looking for help with the management reporting of your small business, Palmetto Payroll Solutions can help. Our software will provide your small business with several advantages, and the reports are emailed to you in advance of paydays so that the information can easily be shared and communicated to the people that need access to the information.

Our reports are all customized, and we will eliminate the additional time you would need to gather the payroll information yourself and give it to the right people to complete. It will help keep your small business organized and running smoothly.