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Do you want your business to be more efficient? That’s one of those “duh, yes, of course” questions. Improving business efficiency should be an important goal for every business, large and small. But being more efficient takes planning and deliberate consistent effort. 

What is Business Efficiency 

A business that is efficient improves its processes to minimize waste and maximize profits. It produces the most output that it can including products, services, and revenue, with its available time, labor, capital, and materials. 

There are many ways of measuring efficiency: financial efficiency, return on investment, labor productivity, operational efficiency, process efficiency, energy efficiency, and eco-efficiency.

The Benefits of Being Efficient 

Being efficient reduces costs. Efficiency in the operating processes of a business increases its production output and helps to reduce costs.  

Being efficient increases profits. By using fewer resources, expenses are optimized so that more products or services can be sold, prices can be adjusted, and profits can be increased. 

Being efficient helps a company meet customer demand. Orders can be fulfilled more quickly without hiring more staff or purchasing more equipment. 

Being efficient promotes a more competitive position. More products or services mean that more customers can be served. 

Being efficient helps a business grow. 

11 Ways to Make Your Business More Efficient   

Consider these ways to make your business more efficient: 

  1. Keep your enterprise clearly focused on what is most important, doing the best things for the best reasons. Never confuse productivity with busyness. 
  2. Build an increasingly more effective team. Better teamwork will help achieve maximum efficiency. Hire talented employees who will work well with others, not stand-alone “superstars.” Clearly identify individual responsibilities but reinforce team roles and team accountability. Recognize team accomplishments and reward team members accordingly. Provide training and resources for team members to continue to build their skills. 
  3. Work to achieve continued high morale. Happy employees will be more motivated and will work more efficiently. Build trust for leaders and build trust among all employees. 
  4. Streamline work processes and remove roadblocks. 
  5. Improve communications. Make sure that communications are open and free-flowing. Encourage in-person communication to reduce miscommunication and endless strings of chat or emails. 
  6. Work to eliminate interruptions. Rather, use scheduled short meetings, where possible. Block out chunks of time for uninterrupted work. 
  7. Reduce and shorten meetings. 
  8. Give team members the resources that they need. Leverage technology including things like task or project management software. 
  9. Stick with established processes rather than trying to cut corners. When changing processes, do so deliberately and with open communication for everyone. 
  10. Encourage “single-tasking” rather than multitasking to keep people focused and help them avoid distractions. Outsource functions that can free up employee time and allow them to focus on growing your enterprise like payroll, time and attendance, tax depositing and filing, and other Human Resources services. 

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