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Human resources departments exist to help meet the needs of people both before and after they become employees of a company. Unfortunately, those working in this department often have little time left to assist potential and current employees because they spend most of their time completing paperwork. This leaves many businesses looking for ways to automate some of the most common tasks of human resources personnel without making it feel too impersonal to employees and job candidates. The key is investing in HR technology that strikes a fine balance between automation and the human side of business.

Adding the Human Touch to Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) have helped to greatly reduce the amount of time human resources professionals spend in the recruitment process. This software helps to filter applications based on criteria set by the company such as keywords in resumes, years of experience, specific college degrees, and previous employers.

Some companies are now taking this one step further by using video technology during the initial screening process as well as later-stage interviews. While many prospective employees agree that the initial video screening makes things easier for both parties, the consensus is that it feels too impersonal for actual job interviews. Employers should take this to heart when considering how far to go with their ATS.

Automation and Employee Onboarding

No one can deny that starting a new job means completing what seems like a mountain of paperwork. It saves both the employee and human resources professional time by completing and tracking new employee paperwork online. This can work well for training and other essential tasks as well. The only downside is that very little human interaction takes place during this process. One possible solution is for someone from the human resources department to assign a mentor to the employee for his or her first few weeks on the job. A peer from the new employee’s department would be ideal.

Save Time During Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is a period of one to two months towards the end of the year where employees can make changes to their benefits selections for the next calendar year. It often requires considerable time and input from people in the human resources department. Putting the process online and allowing employees to make their selections that way can save time for everyone.

However, the human resources department should hold an open meeting at the beginning of the season and let employees know they can always schedule a one-on-one if they have additional questions. This allows them to benefit from the automation while still receiving human input if they desire it.

Where to Turn for Support

The above are just three ways that the modern human resources department can use HR technology to automate common and time-consuming tasks and free up more time to spend with employees. Palmetto Payroll is available to assist your small business with finding new and innovate HR solutions to help save time, reduce expenses, and most importantly, connect with people in a more meaningful way.